Club news

Lottery Draw Q2 - 9th April 2022

The second lottery draw took place in the Clubhouse during Range Weekend. The winners were: 1st prize 0f £166 - Martin Dessoy, 2nd prize £111 - Keith Murray and 3rd prize of £55 - Neale Parry. 

Range Weekend 9th & 10th April

Range weekend took place on the weekend of the 9th and 10th April and was well attended - a big thank you to everyone who turned up to clear vegetation, clean and tidy, remove lead and casings, paint, garden and generally help out to keep our premises presentable, safe and fully functioning.


Lottery Draw Q1 - 17th January 2022

The first Lottery draw for January 2022 was drawn at the Committee Meeting held in the Clubhouse and the lucky three winners were Paul Hartt (£160), Peter Vigar (£106) and Mervyn Pearson (£53).