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Safety Rules

We want everyone to enjoy safe and successful shooting at Bookham.

  • These rules have been prepared to ensure everyone's safety. 

  • Safety rules are largely a matter of common sense, and it is not possible to formulate a set of rules to cover every eventuality.

  • These rules represent the minimum requirements and principles all shooters must observe.

  • Safe shooting is everyone’s responsibility - all shooters must observe these safety rules and must tell the Range Officer if anyone else breaks them.

  • Anyone who does break these rules can expect to be suspended on the spot by the Range Officer.

  • The shooter will then remain suspended from shooting until the Committee has looked into the matter and are satisfied that it is safe for the person concerned to resume shooting at Bookham.



Additional rules apply to the HFT range and are clearly displayed there - these rules must also be observed.


The following calibres can be used at Bookham.


0.22 Rimfire        Target rifle

0.22 Rimfire        Lightweight Sporting Rifle                               (LWSR)

0.22 and 0.177    Air Rifle

0.22 and 0.177    Air Pistol


Note: Only standard or low velocity .22 RF ammunition may be used (i.e. up to 1140 fps).

Who can shoot at Bookham?

  • Full members.

  • You must not shoot without supervision until you have been signed off “Safe to Shoot Unsupervised” in the discipline concerned by one of the relevant club officials as follows:
    o the Club Secretary
    o the Club Chairman
    o the Rifle/Pistol/LWSR/HFT Captain
    o the Head Coach or a Club Coach.

  • Full members of other clubs, with an FAC and their own firearm, may shoot unattended if the Club Secretary satisfied that it is safe for them to do so.

  • Probationers can shoot under the supervision of a club coach - normally on Sundays from 10.00 to 1.00 pm – depending on the discipline - but also at other times by appointment.

  • If you are under 14 you must have an adult (over 21) full member of the club with you at all times when you shoot.

  • If you are under 18 you may not purchase air pellets or .22 Ammunition. This may be purchased by an adult (over 21) for you to use at the club. You may not remove air pellets from the club.

  • .22 ammunition must not be removed from the club       unless entered on a Firearm Certificate.

Not all ranges are approved for all firearms - the following combinations are allowed:

20 yard:  Standing rifle, Standing Air rifle/pistol., Kneeling rifle, Bench-rest rifle.

25 yard:  Prone rifle;

                Standing, kneeling, sitting rifle,

                Bench-rest rifle, silenced LWSR.

50 yard/metre: Prone rifle,

                silenced prone LWSR.

100 yard:  Prone rifle, prone LWSR.

HFT:         Air rifle/pistol, standing, kneeling,                   sitting.

10 metre/20 yard indoor air: 

                 Air rifle/pistol, standing, sitting.      


  • FAC Air rifle must NOT be used on the 10 metre/20 yard air range.

  • Air rifles over may NOT be used on the 10 m air range – they may be used on 20 yrd points 1, 2, 3 & 4.


  • In these rules firearm means any firearm, air rifle or air pistol on club premises.

  • Range Officers must be personally familiar with the operation of every firearm they issue.

  • Do not charge air rifles or pistols using the club air bottles unless you have been shown how to do so safely.

Unless about to be fired (or cased), all firearms must be 'proved safe'.

  • For target rifles this means unloaded with the action fully open and a clearly visible breech flag inserted.

  • For magazine loading rifles the magazine must be removed, unloaded and a clearly visible breech flag inserted. 

(It is acceptable for a breech flag to be inserted in the breech and the action closed far enough to hold it in place.)

  • Air rifles and pistols must have a full barrel length safety cord inserted as far as possible. Magazines must be removed from firearms and unloaded.

  • Rifles to be carried muzzles up or barrels horizontal.

After shooting:

  • All firearms must be fully unloaded and kept proved safe until cased or returned to the club security cabinet - at which point the breech flag may be removed and the action closed.

  • All magazines must be unloaded

  • All firearms must be returned to the club security cabinet with actions uncocked.

  • Spring and pneumatic air rifles and pistols must be returned to the security cabinet fully discharged/uncocked.

  • ​Precharged air or CO2 air rifle and pistols may be returned to the security cabinet with propellant cylinders charged.


Misfired .22RF Cartridges should not be reloaded but returned to the RO in the Club House for safe disposal

On the firing point:

  • Ear defenders must be worn on the firing point when shooting is taking place and are recommended on air ranges.

  • If an emergency cease fire is called - by the command “Stop, Stop, Stop” or by sounding of an air horn:

    • ​for match rifle – unload immediately

    • for all other disciplines - put your firearm down immediately and step back from the bench.

    • await further instructions from the Range Officer.

  • Safety catches are not to be used on Bookham ranges

  • The shooter at the lowest number firing point will be the Range Officer for that detail.

  • You must always obey all instructions from the Range Officer immediately and without question.

  • Always keep firearms pointing towards the target.

  • Keep your finger off the trigger except when firing.

  • Do not start shooting until a clear instruction to do so “Commence Firing” or “Load & Fire” has been given by the Range Officer.

  • Magazines may only be loaded on the firing point and after instructed to do so by the Range Officer.

  • Magazines may only be inserted into firearms after an instruction to start shooting has been given by the Range Officer.

  • Shooting must stop immediately when the command "Cease Fire" has been given.

  • Do not go forward of the firing point to change targets until you have been told it is safe to do so by the Range Officer.

  • Whilst targets are being changed:

    • All firearms must be proved safe.

    • On LWSR and Air ranges you must step back from the firing point and not touch anything on the bench.

    • On 100yrd, 50yrd/m and 25yrd prone rifle ranges firearms must not be touched at all while people are down range.

Targets must only be fixed:

  • between the top and bottom rails.

  • using the mounts and fittings supplied by the club.

You may only shoot at the following:

  • Paper targets.

  • 'Knock-down' and plate HFT range targets.

  • Clay disc targets supplied by the club.

  • Other targets approved by the Club Committee.

You must only shoot at the targets which correspond to your firing point – you must NOT cross-shoot.

Courtesy to other shooters

  • Do not disturb other members’ concentration - by talking loudly or moving about.

  • Switch mobile phones off – signals can be picked up by electronic ear defenders.

  • Pick up your empty cases before leaving the firing point.

  • Smoking or Vaping is not allowed on the premises.


Club Opening Times

  • Saturday– Summer:  2 pm–5 pm (BST), Winter: 1 pm–4 pm

  • Sunday         10 am–1 pm

  • Wednesday   1 pm– 4 pm

  • Tuesday/Friday**   8 pm–10 pm 


**  Full Members Only


Issued By Order of the Committee

Bookham Rifle & Pistol Club     July 2023

Download a PDF version of these safety rules.

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